Reliable Propane offers a variety of programs and services to insure that you never run out of propane and to economize so you can stay secure and save money.  We offer prepay and lock-in options each year.

Budget Plan

Spread out your fuel costs into 12 monthly payments beginning in July each year. The Budget Plan is an alternate payment option available to automatic delivery customers. We estimate your upcoming annual fuel costs based on your past usage and current market rates, then divide that total into equal monthly payments. The final month is the only variable as the payment is adjusted for actual use. Any remaining credit or balance can be rolled into the next year's payment.

Energy Assistance

The New York Energy Connection program is a federally funded energy assistance program that assists eligible households with home heating costs and cooling costs. You may visit the New York Energy Assistance website directly or call the State of New York at 1-866-674-6327.