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Referral Club Winner

The winner of our Referral Club this year is Dan Burandt from Holland, NY. Like many others, they referred their friends and family members to Reliable Propane for home heating. Everyone who refers someone to our office for service, and they become a new customer is eligible to win a flat screen TV. We regard a referral as the highest form of trust and be assured that we will treat those you refer with the utmost respect. 

In the Spotlight...

Marion Franks joined our company two years ago.  He is a veteran of the Iraq war. He patrolled the road between the Green Zone and the main Iraqi Airport at night. It was called, “The most dangerous road in the world.” Marion and his wife, Jessica, live in Darien with their two children. He works in our shop and delivers propane throughout the five counties of Western New York. 


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Ken's Corner

Dear Friends:
 We don’t like to think of ourselves as getting older but apparently the signs of age are beginning to appear in me. Donna and I know an older couple that have been friends of ours for many years. Both of them share a room in a local nursing home. Donna, who looks years younger than I do, usually goes with me when we visit the couple but I happened to be in the area the other day so I decided to go alone. When I approached the reception desk, I recognized a woman who had retired from an accounting firm many years ago. Not sure if she would remember me or not, I asked, “Do you know who I am?” She put both of her hands around mine and said, “No honey. But if you go over there to the nurses station, they will be able to tell you.” Seriously? How old do I look? To add insult to injury, I paid the bill at a restaurant recently and noticed they gave me an automatic, “senior discount”. This is starting to bug me.

At Reliable Propane we are continually upgrading older systems and equipment to keep it operating safely for our customers and team members. We also encourage our customers to replace older gas appliances to be able to take advantage of fuel savings and the added convenience.  Out of desperation, I went out and purchased a jar of aging cream which was guaranteed to make anyone look like a teenager again. It gave me acne.
We really do enjoy what we do!


Ken Albrecht

Mindy's Quick Fix

Mindy is presenting, “Quick Fix” as a service to our customers. These short videos provide you with a few quick ideas, tips and short-cuts to assist you to manage your busy household. Each of these vignettes will be posted on a regular basis. We hope that you find them helpful. As always, thank you for being our customer!

Quick Fix introduction

Getting your kids to help

How to organize your plastic bags


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